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Shipping Information

SuperfoodsAndMore Wholesale sends your order within three working days of receipt of the full invoice amount on its MultiSafepay- or ABN-Amro account 593 265 432.

In practice, this almost always comes down to delivery within two working days and no later than at the next (third) working day.

The shipping costs are as follows and are inclusive of VAT charged:

1 :) Netherlands packages to 29 kilo € 7.25
2 :) Belgium packages to 29 kg € 9.00
3 :) Germany packages to 29 kilo € 9.00
4 :) For other countries, you will see the shipping through the mail after it is calculated.

Delivery of your package by our courier, takes place within 48 hours after sending by SuperfoodsAndMore Wholesale

Orders can also be picked up in Mijdrecht, of course without shipping costs! The possibilities please see our opening hours.

Orders that are to be returned due to wrong deliveries, we keep coming back through a UPS return label on our cost.

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