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Omega Dual Edge VSJ843RS Silver

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Second generation slowjuicer



VSJ843RS Vertical slowjuicer Super Low Speed - Design 

Second generation slowjuicer  These slowjuicer bruises and grinds fruit and/or vegetable first and then pressing them slowly and cold.

Due to the extremely low speed and press (43 RPM) during the compression there is less oxygen in the juice. Also, there will be no heating takeing place during pressing. The juice has therefore a shelf life of up to 72 hours without any loss of nutritional value and taste.

This in contrast to juicers and citrus presses whereby any results the juice should be drunk immediately. With the automatic pulp-output function can be made continuous juice. After the end limits the automatic cleaning system cleaning the process to a minimum.  Thanks to the faucet, you can mix all the ingredients first and then by opening causing the juice to flow directly into your glass. 

 Product Features:

• Low rotational speed of 43 RPM

• 2 HP motor • Heavy Ultem® Dual Edge screw press

• Tap function • Also suitable for making wheatgrass juice

• Easy (dis) assembly

• "Reverse" function when food is stuck

• Innovative automatic cleaning system

• Quiet operation through low rotation speed

• CE certified, UL approved. Suitable for domestic use

• Warranty for 15 years (+ engine parts)



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