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Original Superfoods Organic Golden Flax Seeds 400 Grams

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Flaxseed - For the figure.

Organic and 100% raw.



Flaxseed - For the figure.

Flaxseed is the seed of flax , hence the English name flaxseeds . It contains many healthy omega - 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B1 and B2, vitamin E , calcium, manganese , magnesium, zinc , potassium, fiber , and antioxidants. In flaxseed are both non- fermented and fermented fibers. Non- fermented fibers ensure you a longer and full feeling , because they absorb a lot of water. Fermented fibers feed the good bacteria in your intestines and thus ensure a good bowel movement.

Flaxseed has a neutral flavor and makes it easy to combine in all kinds of dishes. You can eat a whole or ground . Coarsely ground the substances are better absorbed by the body, but it's best if you grind it yourself just before the meal in a blender or mortar. You know for sure that it is not oxidized .
Original Superfoods Organic Golden Flax Seeds 400 Grams
Content 400 Grams
Land of origin Non-EU
Ingredients Organic Flaxseed
Allergen information
Application Add 1-2 tablespoons to your favorite smoothie, use it as a topping on salades, fruits or in muesli. You can use it to make crackers and bread. While nursing it is wise to not consume too much flaxseed.
Storage instructions Store in a cool and dry place.
Portion / Portion per package 10 Grams - 40
Nutritional value Amount per portion Amount per 100 grams
Energy 223 kJ (53 kcal) 2234 kJ (534 kcal)
Fat 4.2 gr 42.2 gr
of which saturated fat 0.4 gr 3.7 gr
Carbohydrates 3 gr 29 gr
of which sugars 0.1 gr 1.5 gr
Protein 2 gr 18.3 gr
Fibers 2.7 gr 27.3 gr
Salt 0 gr 0 gr


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