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Omega J8228C Slowjuicer Nutrition Center Chrome

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Horizontal slowjuicer from Omega for the tastiest fresh juices and other delicious drinks, turns nuts into a nut paste, mashes baby food, grinds herbs / garlic and coffee effortlessly.



Omega Juicer 8228 Chrome

The Omega J8228C Slowjuicer is equipped with a powerful motor for cold and thorough kneading, grinding and pressing of vegetable fibers to fully extract vitamins, enzymes and minerals from vegetables, fruit and wheatgrass. Due to the thin, long pressing screw of high-quality Ultem® plastic, the pressing force is very large and more concentrated juice and drier pulp come out of the device than with juicers and vertical slowjuicers.

The Omega J8228C Slowjuicer is therefore also extremely suitable for making juice and other delicious drinks, turning nuts into a nut paste, mashing baby food, grinding herbs / garlic and coffee without difficulty.

The Omega J8228C Slowjuicer uses the two-step cold extraction technique that ensures maximum efficiency, while the low rotation speed of 80 RPM means that there is no foaming, no clogging and no heat development. This is because heat during pressing / centrifuging causes a huge loss of vitamins and fibers.

Product Features:

  •     Low speed press system
  •     Low rotation speed of 80 RPM
  •     Exclusive "2 step extraction technique"
  •     Through the automatic pulp-export function, juice can be made continuously
  •     Very dry Pulp, maximum yield from pressing
  •     Nutritious juice with preservation of all vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  •     Less foam formation than a juicer
  •     User-friendly - Easy to (dis) assemble, operate and clean
  •     Low noise
  •     CE approved, UL and cUL approved for domestic and professional use
  •     15-year warranty on the engine and 2-year warranty on parts
  •     Chrome
  •     150 watts
  •     Weight: 5.9 kg
  •     Dimensions: L 16.5 cm x W 36.8 cm x H 39.4 cm
  •     Sturdy: heavy construction and four support legs


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