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Adya Water Clarity 500 Ml

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Adya Water Clarity is used to clean and purify water.

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Adya Water Clarity 500 ml

Adya is an extract of black mica this is a shiny black mineral, black mica is a common mineral found in granite and other metamorphic rocks. Also known as biotite, black mica is composed of iron, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen. When used in an extract form, black mica has many positive applications for general health.

Adya Water Clarity is used to clean and purify water. The black mica extract can be taken by adding it to water. When a drop of black mica extract is added to tap water, collect the toxins in the water and keep them underneath the glass. These toxins can no longer be absorbed by the water. Black mica extract removes toxins like heavy metals while adding healthy minerals to the drinking water.

Here some of the benefits of using Adya Water Clarity:

- Gives energy
- Hydrates
- The skin will be soft and youthful
- Thick hair growth
- Makes the water healthy and clean


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