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Mas Newen Lemongrass Shampoo 250 ML

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Mas Newen Shampoo is a mix of the 7 best natural and wildly picked ingredients.



Mas Newen Lemongrass Shampoo

The vegetable Shampoo from Mas Newen contains natural and wildly picked ingredients.

The Shamppo from Mas Newen is a mix of the 7 best ingredients. Extracts of wild-harvested soap nuts make your hair thick and make it dance. Essential oil of lemongrass strengthens your hair follicles and refreshes to perfection. Indian bay leaf keeps your scalp healthy. Enzymes activate all components.

Suitable for all hair types, ideal for babies and certainly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Mas Newen is a small brand from Chile, South America. They offer environmentally friendly products. Probiotic soaps, 100% natural and biodegradable.

Mas Newen Lemongrass Shampoo 250 ML
Content 250 ML
Land of origin Thailand
Ingredients Artisian Spring Water, Wild Crafted Soap Nut, Makrut Lime, Wild Crafted Indian laurel Leaf, Wild Crafted Elephant Apple, Pineapple, Essential Oil Of Lemongrass
Allergen information
Application Hairwash also suitable for babies.
Storage instructions 12 months after opening.
Portion / Portion per package


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